MgA. Vlasta Pechová

Vlasta Pechova

Vlasta Pechova is leader of Taiji pod lupou – school of Taijiquan in Prague, Czech Republic – contact:

After a two-year course of godju-ryu karate style she switched over to Taijiquan. Since 2000 she has been fully devoted to the Yang Taijiquan style under professional supervision of Master Robert Amacker – White Crow Taiji in California (USA). She attends study stays at White Crow School in Moscow that keeps excellent world-renowned level.

Vlasta Pechova is the founder, the director and main teacher of the Prague school (Czech republic). She visits other countries as well. She published a book about Taijiquan few years ago and also did illustrations for The Theoretical Basis of T’ai Chi Ch’uan– a book written by her teacher Robert Amacker.