Vlasta Pechova

I am founder and leader of Taiji pod lupou® – school of Taijiquan (Yang style) in Prague, Czech Republic. Contact: taijipodlupou@gmail.com

I hold an international Martial Arts Trainer certificate by IES London. I have been doing martial arts since 1994. After a two-year course of godju-ryu karate style I switched over to Taijiquan. Since 2000 I have been fully devoted to the Yang Taijiquan style which I studied until 2021 under professional supervision of Master Robert AmackerWhite Crow Taiji in California (USA). I attend study stays at White Crow School in Moscow that keeps excellent world-renowned level.

In addition to courses in my school I provide lessons in a park (CZ text) – these lessons for public are supported by Prague and are free of charge. I also provide online lessons through Zoom. From time to time I teach in other countries. I led few seminars in USA and Europe.

I published a book about Taijiquan and I made illustrations for „The Theoretical Basis of T’ai Chi Ch’uan“- a book written by my teacher Robert Amacker. See the publications.



My posters and illustrations