Vlasta Pechova

Vlasta Pechova is leader of Taiji pod lupou – school of Taijiquan (Yang style) in Prague, Czech Republic. Contact: taijipodlupou@gmail.com

After a two-year course of godju-ryu karate style Vlasta switched over to Taijiquan. Since 2000 she has been fully devoted to the Yang Taijiquan style under professional supervision of Master Robert AmackerWhite Crow Taiji in California (USA). She attends study stays at White Crow School in Moscow that keeps excellent world-renowned level.

Vlasta Pechova is the founder, the director and main teacher of the school of Taijiquan in Prague (Czech republic). In addition to her courses she also leads lessons in a park – these lessons for public are supported by Prague and are free of charge. She also provides online lessons through Zoom.

Vlasta visits other countries as well. She led few seminars in USA and Europe. She published a book about Taijiquan and also did illustrations for „The Theoretical Basis of T’ai Chi Ch’uan“- a book written by her teacher Robert Amacker. See the publications.


Vlasta’s posters and illustrations