“From familiarity with the correct touch, one gradually comprehends internal force Jing ; from the comprehension of Jing one can reach wisdom.“ – Classics

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The core of Taijiquan (Tai chi) study is about interplay between sparring partners. If you want to train Taijiquan on a martial level, you must cultivate your martial skills. You need to have sparring partners and be able to work with them, whether you are a teacher or a student of this art.

This project is suitable for people who studied with Master Robert Amacker or are members of schools based on his teaching. It can be appreciated by other Tajijiquan adepts who find his teaching appealing. There are already more than 50 videos in this project. Each is 0.5 – 5 minutes long . Read the Story about Interplay Training. Also check out our Blog Interplay and Facebook.

See these publicly opened videos:

Interplay Training – lessons

Taijiquan theory

About Taijiquan
Inner force Jing
Taiji principle
Martial ideas

It is important to have a vision and to know the aim in training of Taijiquan. That is why we describe here aspects of Taijiquan, so it would be clear how we are going to train each other.

Read more about Taijiquan and look at videos of Taijiquan sets. Other texts and videos are under titles Inner force Jing , Taiji principle and Martial ideas . Later on we train and discuss all these aspects in “Taijiquan lessons“ below.

Taijiquan lessons

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Important basics
Tuishou lessons
Training of Jing

Getting the skills

Important basics point out important skills that are needed before you start training with a sparring partner.

Tuishou lessons are devoted to basic and advanced Tuishou. They were recorded as private lessons in winter 2022 in California by Gary Lee and Vlasta Pechova. They provide description and training of various skills in these sets, correction of mistakes and tips how to help each other with getting new skills.

Training of Jing – a course by Vlasta Pechova contains 26 videos from her seminar in Prague, accompanied with English texts. See the structure of the course, how each skill is trained before it is put together with other skills, from simple exercises up to martial level! This course is a good example of Interplay Training.

Tips for training

Tips for training
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“We train during training, we win during battle.“

Cooperation in Taijiquan is a skill. Here are ideas, experience, stories from teaching and practising, and tips how to cooperate with sparring partners.