This seminar is intended for beginning students. It is suitable also for people who studied with Robert Amacker and those who find his teaching appealing.

Meeting Tai chi – introductory seminar with Vlasta Pechova

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In this seminar you will develop a deeper understanding of Tai Chi (T’ai Chi Ch’uan). Vlasta Pechova will share her knowledge from 22 years of teaching experience in Czech Republic and abroad. You will try techniques and routines that she teaches in her school in Prague.

The seminar will include both an exercise and theoretical part. Vlasta will introduce the training methods focusing on standing and moving Chi Kung exercises, the theoretical and physical foundations of the Yang style solo form, and instruction of cooperative two-person forms.

This time we will put emphasis on silk reeling exercises.

The seminar will cover these topics

Videos about Meeting Tai chi (Taiji):

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Setkání s Taiji

Address of the event

Almonte Club, 105 Wisteria Way, Mill Valley, CA 94941